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1. What is so special about this Music Album?
[Music at Home Social at Ease] is not just children’s music. The purpose of this album is to encourage home-based music activities with targeting goals in communication and social development. Each song is paired with suggested activities with functional goals. These goals include getting your child to start imitating actions, to encourage eye contact, to promote speech, to engage in turn taking activities and more!

2. How should the activities be delivered?
Suggested activities could be delivered individually with a child or in a group. Each of the song in the album also comes with a music-alone-track without the singers’ voice. This is because parents are encouraged to sing with their own voice with the music and also change the lyrics when desired. As our goal is to engage young children in musical activities, it is important that lyrics are always flexible upon the children’s preference, ability in physical movements, and their understanding on certain concepts etc. Therefore, do not be so concerned about whether the lyrics match with the all the pitches in the songs. Some suggested activities involve the use of particular types of materials/toys. These are just suggestions and parent could always replace them by other substitutions.

3. What age range is this Music Album suitable for?
Young Children at age 2-5 who are just starting to develop speech

4. Am I supposed to make my child learn to sing all the songs in order to promote communication and social development?
No. Communication and social development are enhanced by the process of music activities engagement. Such engagement could be done by all the interactions in the suggested activities. Yet some songs targeting on speech development do come with instructions suggesting parents to encourage the child to pronounce particular sound/syllables.