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Jacqueline Leung


BMusBA, MAMT, RMT, LRSM 澳洲註冊音樂治療師 長笛演奏家

Jacqueline is an active flute teacher, performer as well as a Registered Music Therapist. Jacqueline went to study music at the University of New South Wales in Australia, majoring in flute and graduated with a distinction in Bachelor of Music and Arts. She then further pursued postgraduate studies by completing her Master degree in Music Therapy from the University of Technology, Sydney, where she graduated as a Registered Music Therapist (RMT) registered with the Australian Music Therapy Association Inc. Prior to training as a Registered Music Therapist, Jacqueline has been awarded by the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music a Licentiate (LRSM) in flute and a Grade 8 Distinction on piano. Besides working with the children population, Jacqueline is also experienced in facilitating Music Therapy sessions with adults.
She is currently an instructor at Yan Chai Hospital Social Services Department Professional Training Centre, as well as visiting lecturers of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University – Hong Kong Community College..

Bettina Wan


BA, MMT, RMT, NMT 澳洲註冊音樂治療師 腦神經音樂治療師

Bettina Wan is an Australian Registered Music Therapist and Neurologic Music Therapist. She is specialised in the area of Special Education, working with children and adult clients with Autism, Developmental delay, Attention deficits, Intellectual disabilities as well as children with traumatic experiences. Bettina has extensive experience in therapy work with children aged from 1 to 16, focusing on developmental needs. She had worked at private therapy centres and implemented therapy programs at a number of schools, non-profit organisations and charities in Hong Kong. She is also a Part Time Lecturer at the Open University of Hong Kong and the placement supervisor of the Master of Music Therapy Program at the University of Melbourne. She has been actively promoting Music Therapy in Hong Kong by providing music therapy seminars and workshops at educational institutes, voluntary agencies and schools to teachers, social workers, therapists and parents.

Besides therapy work, Bettina is also passionate about music education in Special Needs Children, where she has been developing music teaching approach and materials suited for the population, believing that special needs children should have the equal chance to learn music.

Kingman Chung


BA, MMT, RMT, NMT 澳洲註冊音樂治療師 腦神經音樂治療師

鍾敬文是國際音樂治療中心( IMTC ) 總監、澳洲註冊音樂治療師及腦神經音樂治療師,主要為中心設計及監督為特殊學習需要學童提供的音樂治療服務、舉辦講座、工作坊及員工培訓。

他的服務對 象亦包括精神病患者、戒毒人士、癌症患者及中風人士。


心願是支援患者及其親人,並走出傳統治療的固有框框, 用音樂打破言語限制,以心和心的交流及創新形式,在專業領域中創出不同。