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  • Song Title
  • Artist
  • Score
  • Instrumental
  • 01
  • 一步兩步
  • Jacqueline Leung
  • 02
  • 入去出去
  • Bettina Wan
  • 03
  • 剪紙歌
  • Kingman Chung
  • 05
  • 小手指
  • Bettina Wan
  • 06
  • 跑步歌
  • Kingman Chung
  • 07
  • 一個蘋果
  • Jacqueline Leung
  • 08
  • 左手右手打打鼓
  • Bettina Wan
  • 09
  • 數手指
  • Kingman Chung
  • 10
  • 上上下下
  • Jacqueline Leung
  • 11
  • 打開收埋
  • Bettina Wan
  • 12
  • 王子歌
  • Kingman Chung
  • 13
  • 動物歌
  • Jacqueline Leung
  • 14
  • 轉一轉 跳一跳
  • Bettina Wan
  • 15
  • 公主歌
  • Kingman Chung
  1. What is so special about this Music Album?

    [Music at Home Action Songs] contains 15 Cantonese songs which are composed by registered music therapists. Not only does this album aim at promoting children’s motor development, but also facilitating parent-child relationships through home-based music activities. Children are able to do different movements under these songs, including shaking hands, hopping, and even more!

  2. How should the activities be delivered?

    Suggested activities could be delivered individually with a child or in a group. Each of the songs in the album also comes with a music-alone-track without the singers’ voice. This is because parents are encouraged to sing with their own voice with the music and also change the lyrics when desired. As our goal is to engage young children in musical activities, it is important that lyrics are always flexible upon the children’s preference, ability in physical movements, and their understanding of certain concepts etc. Therefore, do not be so concerned about whether the lyrics match with all the pitches in the songs. Parents are encouraged to modify the lyrics with your own designed movements and have fun with your children!

  3. What age range is this Music Album suitable for?

    Young Children at age 2-5 who are starting to develop motor skills.

  4. Am I supposed to make my child learn to sing all the songs in order to promote motor development?

    No. Motor development is enhanced by the process of music activities engagement. Parents can base on children’s interest and development to select appropriate songs for them. The role of adults is to make children get involved in the songs and encourage them to follow the movement. It is also suggested that children can create their own movements by themselves. Let’s enjoy the music together!

  5. Who were the singers of the “Action Songs” album?

    These songs are sung by three registered music therapists.

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